Guide to Being 36 Weeks Pregnant

At 36 weeks pregnant, you're probably more than ready for baby to arrive. But enjoy the time alone while you can -- he or she could be here any time now! See more pregnancy pictures.

You've been running a marathon for 35 weeks. Now, as you begin your 36th week of pregnancy, you're entering the homestretch. Part of you is ready to be there already. And you could be closer than you think. Human gestation is estimated to take 40 weeks, but you could have an early delivery any day now or hang on for 42 weeks. (Ugh!)

Since birth could be right around the corner, let's take a quick look at the exciting things your body and your baby are doing to get ready for the big day. We'll also clue your partner in on what he or she could do to ease your load (and his or her mind) and go over a few things you don't need to worry about.