Guide to Being 36 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

You've no doubt been planning and preparing since news of your pregnancy sank in, but this week it's time to take action on several things, if you haven't already. You need to:

  • Find a pediatrician. Ask friends for recommendations or visit nearby pediatrician offices and ask questions. Do they have a separate waiting area for newborns? How long will you wait for an appointment? How many physicians are in the practice? Is the staff friendly and helpful?
  • Decide on cotton or disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are a comfortable, less bulky, environmentally friendly and economical alternative to disposable diapers.
  • Get your hospital bag (and your partner's bag) packed and ready to go.
  • Stock up on frozen meals and restaurant delivery or takeout menus.
  • Establish a calling tree for notifying your family and friends of when you go into labor.
  • Set priorities and allow some things to slide. Your health and your baby's health are priority one -- now and after the birth. Feeding (for both of you), diapering, cuddling and bonding are more important than making beds and ironing.

While you're doing all that, don't worry if…