Guide to Being 37 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going on in Your Body

Weight: About 6.5 pounds. Length: About 19 inches (head to toe). Skin: Hairless.

Ready to meet your child? It won't be long. If you could look inside your womb right now, you'd see the very person you'll be greeting soon -- minus a bit of chub, perhaps, but otherwise developed to full-term.

Fat is still packing on, up to an ounce a day, to build up some nice cushioning and protection against the cold, cold world outside your body. Brain and lung development will continue until birth (and beyond), and your baby is sleeping deeply now. He or she is breathing and sucking like a pro, too, ready for that first breath of air and suckle of breast or bottle.

Plus, that light hair (lanugo) and creamy coating (vernix) that made your baby look a little, well, odd? Both are gone, or mostly gone, revealing that soft, pink (and opaque) baby skin you'll love from day one.

Your body is changing, too, during week 37: Your cervix might be thinning and opening, getting ready to pass a big baby through a much smaller (but miraculously expandable) hole, and your baby may be orienting him or herself in a head-down position and starting to drop.

These changes signal even bigger changes to come, and not just for you: Your partner is preparing for a new life, too …

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