Guide to Being 38 Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…

Don't worry if you haven't made every decision yet. Things will fall into place.
Don't worry if you haven't made every decision yet. Things will fall into place.

Not leaking colostrum? Don't worry, your breasts are still producing it. Not feeling "practice contractions"? It doesn't mean you're not close to giving birth. Everyone experiences pregnancy and labor differently, and this should be your mantra right now: There's no single right way, and you can decide as you go.

If there are decisions you haven't made yet, don't agonize. Any of the following (and more) can be determined when you get to that bridge:

  • Pain relief -- You can go into labor uncertain of whether you'll go natural or take medication. This is not something that's set in stone the second your contractions start.
  • Breast or bottle -- If you're just not sure what you want to do long-term, you can try breastfeeding in the hospital and make up your mind after you know what the process is. Since you'll have labor nurses and nursing experts to help you there, it's an ideal place to make up your mind either way.
  • Crib or co-sleeping -- If you've already decided whether your newborn will sleep with you or without you, don't feel like you can't change your mind. You might feel differently once you bring your baby home.

So many things will simply fall into place once you meet your little person. Your No. 1 job right now is to rest up -- and practice your breathing. It's really important to know what you're doing before the craziness starts.

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