Guide to Being 40 Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

It's been a long 40 weeks, and you're getting impatient. And while you're excited about the addition to your family, you're also a little scared. Maybe you even wish you had more time before delivery. It's only natural. You have a lot to think about. Will you know when to go to the hospital, when to breathe, when to push? Meditation, massage or breathing practice can help calm your nerves.

For some women, this is the time the nesting instinct takes over. Try to resist the temptation to climb a ladder to wash windows, clean closets or rearrange your furniture. It's better to get some rest than to overexert yourself.

If you had to describe how you feel in one word, "uncomfortable" might be it. You've most likely gained between 25 and 35 pounds. Don't fret. Weight gain does slow at the end of pregnancy. It's even common to lose a pound or two.

Leg cramps continue to be an annoyance. To help, drink plenty of fluids, avoid staying in one position too long and stretch when you can. A short walk or a massage from your partner is good, too, even if you don't have leg cramps.

Your huge belly is causing your lower back to ache. It's also making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Fatigue has set in, and your partner might complain about your crabbiness. If your bed just isn't right for rest, a cushy recliner might help you get that much-needed nap.

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