Guide to Being 41 Weeks Pregnant

At 41 weeks pregnant, you probably want nothing more than to go into labor! See more pregnancy pictures.

We'll start off this article by saying, sorry you're reading this. Your due date has likely come and gone, and you're probably feeling more than a little cranky. But fear not! You will not be pregnant forever. We guarantee you'll be holding a real, live baby very shortly.

As you're lying around, relaxing (which you should be doing) and trying to mentally will your uterus to contract, remember that due dates are never exact. Your baby might not even be overdue at all -- it's often pretty difficult to pinpoint the date of conception, so your due date is something of an educated guess. About half of all babies are born after their due date, according to And if you are actually overdue, it's no cause for panic. It happens all the time, and in fact, overdue babies are often bigger, have more hair and appear more alert than their on-time counterparts.

If this is your first pregnancy, keep in mind that first babies are notoriously slow to evict themselves from the womb. All you can really do now is be patient; unless you're a high-risk pregnancy or there's a medical reason to induce, your caregiver will probably hold off until next week to do anything because a wait-and-see approach is favorable to inducing labor. So hang in there!