Guide to Being 41 Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

As we mentioned before, the C-section risk doubles when you have an elective induction. If your body isn't fully ready to go into labor, it might not respond to the intervention, which increases your chances of ending up on the operating table. Induction also increases the risk of infection and low fetal heart rate if the oxytocin used to stimulate the uterus and induce labor causes too many contractions.

But if there's a medical reason that you have to be induced this week, it doesn't necessarily mean you're on the road to complications or a C-section. Your doctor will know when the risks of staying pregnant outweigh the risks of induction. Chances are you'll be induced if there's any concern about your health or the baby's, such as:

  • You're 10 days beyond your due date.
  • Your water has broken, but you haven't had any contractions.
  • Your placenta is deteriorating.
  • You have high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Your amniotic fluid is decreasing.
  • There's any sign of infection in your uterus.

So though it may be hard to resist the temptation to beg your doctor for an induction, be strong and stay the course. You might feel like you can't be pregnant for one more minute, but just think of it as a safeguard for your baby's health. You can do it!

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