Guide to Being 42 Weeks Pregnant

By week 42, it's unlikely you'll feel so spry and cheerful. See more pregnancy pictures.

So, your due date came and went, and you're still lugging around that passenger who, hard as you try to relax, may be getting on your nerves right about now. How can someone so little be so stubborn?

Good practice for toddlerhood, yes, but that doesn't make it any less uncomfortable. Chances are you can barely make it off the couch these days, your ankles are officially cankles, and your last good night's sleep was a couple of months ago. It would try the patience of a pregnant saint.

Here, what you might be feeling at 42 weeks, what that stubborn little sweetie pie is doing in there, how your partner can help, and some good ways to pass the time until you finally go into labor, which is hopefully any minute now.

To begin with, you might be feeling your anticipation turn to desperation this week …