Guide to Being Eight Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Image Gallery You may or may not be feeling hungry, but at this point in your pregnancy, there are certain foods you might want to avoid. See more pregnancy pictures.
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Guess what? That little guy is moving in there. But you still won't feel it for a few more weeks.

Enjoy that boost to your looks right now, if you can get your mind off the nausea long enough. Your bra size might be bigger, but your belly is still the same.

You probably already know to be careful about eating fish and drinking alcohol. As long as you're not really hungry, it's time to think about avoiding some other foods that could contain bacteria as well: herbal teas (they can cause contractions), unwashed produce, meat and eggs that aren't well-cooked, deli meats, and any unpasteurized milk or juice. Let's look at a few more things you can expect during week eight of your pregnancy.