Guide to Being Five Weeks Pregnant

If that test is positive, here's what you need to get up to speed. See more pregnancy pictures.
Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

Whether your pregnancy is the shock of a lifetime (hopefully, a welcome one!) or the result of meticulous planning, it doesn't really matter once all is said and conceived. The fact is, your life is about to be altered forever -- in a very good way. Sure, you're likely to hit some bumps along the path to motherhood, but the end game is totally worth the stretch marks, morning sickness and everything in between.

Lest you think I'm unqualified to make such a statement, I'll fill you in on my informal credentials. I have two strapping young boys who've managed to throw curveballs from the very beginning. First, their gestational periods varied tremendously in terms of fatigue, morning sickness, water retention and everything else you can imagine. There goes the theory that gender affects your pregnancy, right? Despite every discomfort and worry along the way, I wouldn't trade either of my angels (or demons, depending on the day) for anything. Would I do it for my very own personal chef and maid? Nope, and that's really saying something.

Now that you're all excited over an answer your pee has produced, it's time to start planning the next nine months of your life with your partner (if one's involved) and your obstetrician, who'll soon be your new best friend and intimate confidante. Read on to learn more about what you can expect during this very early stage in your pregnancy.