Guide to Being Five Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling

Chances are that your outward appearance hasn't changed even a little bit by week five. It's simply way too early to sport that baby bump you've been envisioning.

However, many women in their fifth week report subtle signals that are often early indicators of pregnancy, like morning sickness, fatigue, tender breasts and near-constant urination. There are many other possible causes for any of these issues, though, so if you haven't confirmed your suspicions yet, it's time to head out to your doctor or local drugstore for a pregnancy test.

Try not to fret if you feel annoyingly normal, however. Many women bypass the early pregnancy symptoms altogether, with a positive test being the first indicator that a baby is on the way. The simple fact is that every woman and every single pregnancy is different. So, if your best friend started vomiting five minutes after intercourse, but your stomach is solid as a rock, be thankful that you're one of the chosen few that dodged morning sickness -- and keep your fingers crossed that your good luck sticks.

Other than that, take the opportunity to let your husband or partner pamper you, if he's so inclined. He owes you one (or two, if you're carrying multiples)!

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