Guide to Being Four Weeks Pregnant

What You Might Be Feeling
At four weeks, you may experience bloating and/or morning sickness.
At four weeks, you may experience bloating and/or morning sickness.
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At week four, you'll notice that your breasts feel full, tingly and tender. It's one of the first signs of pregnancy and just nature's way of preparing your breasts to produce milk for your baby.

A trip to your favorite Mexican restaurant might also include a trip to bathroom, as that nauseated feeling might overcome you. Progesterone, estrogen and hCG hormones are to blame for your "morning sickness," which can actually happen at any time of day. Eating smaller meals and drinking plenty of fluids can help.

The desire to sleep might be overwhelming. After all, your body is working a lot harder, using more energy to prepare for the baby. If you can, go ahead and succumb to that desire to take a nap. A brisk walk might also help wake you up.

Hormones are also causing an increased blood flow to your kidneys, helping them to more efficiently rid the body of waste. Efficiency is good, unless you're a long way from the nearest restroom. Try to plan ahead, if you can.

Along with racing hormones will come racing emotions. At different times you might be feeling excited, anxious, happy and scared. Or, you might feel all of these emotions at the same time. Worry could also take over as you question your ability to be a mother, have concerns about the baby's health or think about the financial demands of raising a child. A talk with your partner or a close friend might help alleviate your anxiety.