Guide to Being 42+ Weeks Pregnant

Lucky for you, you're almost there! See more pregnancy pictures.

Well, it's official: You're overdue, post-term, post-date or just plain sick of this miracle happening inside you. And who could blame you? Most pregnancies end before 42 weeks. Heck, you could have delivered five weeks ago and still been considered full-term.

It's possible you're not truly 43 weeks pregnant. It's possible (even likely) your due date was miscalculated because you didn't correctly remember the date of your last pre-pregnancy period. Even so, you are no doubt ready to get this thing over with and start being a mommy.

Lucky for you, your caregiver will almost definitely help you out with this STAT.

Here, what it probably feels like to be 42+ weeks along, what your baby is up to at this very late date, what you and your partner might want to be thinking about and what you can probably put out of your already over-wrought head.

First, you probably feel like you're going to literally pop …