Guide to Being 42+ Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Partners, it's time to make that dry run to the hospital if you haven't yet. Labor is imminent. It could, and hopefully will, happen at any minute, and when it does, you should be extra prepared just in case there turns out to be a reason to hurry. The slight increase in complications once a pregnancy goes post-term is cause for some extra attention to the pregnant lady, the hospital route, and the installation of the car seat that's somehow still in the box.

Check in with her -- a lot. It can be a burden, still being pregnant at 43 weeks, and it can take an emotional and physical toll. Be attentive: Is your back OK? How's the baby's activity in there? Can I do the dinner preparations tonight and make the least heartburn-inducing meal imaginable?

You're needed more than ever, because one way or another, she's almost definitely going to deliver this week, as very few caregivers will let a woman go 43 weeks without strongly recommending induction. And that's something to talk about together, if there are reservations regarding the procedure …