Guide to Being 42+ Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If…
It's about time, baby!
It's about time, baby!

At 42+ weeks, you really don't need to be weighed down by anything non-essential, and that includes some concerns you may have about your current post-term state. If you can help it, try not to stress if:

  • You want that baby OUT of you. You're not a bad mommy. You're a human being who's been carrying another human being inside her for nearly a year.
  • The baby has grown too big to deliver vaginally. If your baby has continued to put on weight all this time, there's a chance your doctor will recommend a C-section. Don't sweat it too much. The procedure doesn't carry the extended recovery time it used to (and your baby will have such a well-shaped head).
  • This is messing up your careful plans. If you have planned on a home birth, post-term issues may be pushing you toward relocating to the hospital since you or your baby may need some extra medical attention. If this seems like the wisest move, try hard not to rue the reorganization of your perfectly imagined birth. These things seldom go exactly as planned, and it will be miraculous no matter where it happens.

This week, as in every other week of your pregnancy, the most important goal is to keep everyone healthy. If you trust your caregiver, discuss your options and seriously consider the expert's advice. Once you have that baby in your arms, you probably won't think much about how you got there.

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