Guide to Being One Week Pregnant

Week one is full of hope and promise.
Week one is full of hope and promise.
Dougal Waters/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

When you're looking down the long, bloated road to motherhood, week 40 can look a whole lot more appealing than week one. It can seem a long time to wait to feel that tiny fist wrapped around your finger. And go without a glass of pinot.

But week one can be exciting. It's all anticipation, promise and being able to hold it until you get home. It's preparing for the best without an inkling of what hopefully are the worst swollen ankles you'll ever see. It is, in short, being pregnant without being pregnant.

The human gestation period is calculated in a way that perplexes everyone except your OB. In week one of your pregnancy, you're not actually pregnant yet -- but you're close. So, how exactly can you tell if you're one week along?