Guide to Being Three Weeks Pregnant

Some Things to Consider

As your blastocyst gets settled in, you may want to put some thought into:

  • Your health care options: Have you chosen an obstetrician, nurse-midwife or family practitioner to guide you through pregnancy and delivery?
  • Your habits: Have you quit using alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drugs? If not, do it right now. If you take prescriptions, ask your doctor immediately whether they're safe for pregnancy.
  • Your diet: Healthy eating is important from day one; now that you're actually pregnant, it's essential. Keep (or start) taking your prenatal vitamin, folic acid and iron, and put special attention toward increasing your calcium and protein intakes.
  • Your activity level: If you're already on an exercise regimen, talk to your health care provide about maintaining it; if you're not, ask about starting one up.
  • Your scale: If it might mess with your head, stay away from it. You'll be weighed at your check-ups to make sure you're doing OK.

Finally, what you don't need to put much thought into …

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