Guide to Being Three Weeks Pregnant

Don't Worry If...
At week three, don't put any stock in a pregnancy test.
At week three, don't put any stock in a pregnancy test.
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At three weeks along, you probably don't know for sure yet, and there are a couple of things you might experience that make you worry you didn't get knocked up this month. But don't give up hope if:

  • You see a little spotting: This doesn't necessarily signal an upcoming period; it could mean you've got a little blastocyst burrowing into your uterine wall.
  • You test negative: At this point, a negative pregnancy test doesn't mean anything. The most sensitive pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy early in week four, about three to five days before your missed period.

Week three, conception week, is about as big as it gets in the life-making realm, and you'll look back on it with awe once your little one starts growing up. For now, though, you're probably still in the dark, your fingers crossed, your feet visible …

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