Guide to Being Two Weeks Pregnant

Don't worry too much about your ice cream consumption during week two -- rich dairy may even help boost fertility! See more pregnancy pictures.

The first couple of weeks of pregnancy can be a confusing time: Is there a baby inside me? When will I be a mom? Should I be eating this much ice cream?

Answers: No, there's not; 38 to 39 weeks from now; and sure, indulge a little. No, seriously, go ahead: Studies have shown that whole-milk dairy increases fertility, and you'll be trying to conceive at the end of week two.

Once you conceive, your 40-week gestation period will be calculated as starting on the first day of your last period -- so, like "one-week pregnant," two weeks along exists only in retrospect. That doesn't mean the second week of pregnancy doesn't matter, though. There's no baby yet, but there's a lot of preparation going on.

So, what does it feel like to be two weeks along?