Guide to Being Two Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

Conception takes two, of course. Partners are a crucial part of the process whether or not they're providing the sperm -- support is what it's all about. Partners are responsible for alleviating stress and providing comfort, both physical and emotional, during these early weeks, throughout the pregnancy, and especially in the weeks immediately following delivery.

And, if the sperm is in fact coming from your partner, he'll want to be aware of (at least) a few things:

  • Heat reduces sperm count. Jacuzzis, hot tubs, saunas and electric blankets should be avoided at this time.
  • Saliva kills sperm. Just say no to oral sex if you're trying to conceive.
  • Since the 48 hours following ovulation are the most fertile, have sex at least once a day starting at the end of week two and through the first few days of week three.

In these final days of preconception, and perhaps the first few days of actual pregnancy, there may be a lot of things on your mind, but you might want to prioritize. There are probably only a few issues you actually need to begin addressing right now ...