Pregnant? 10 Questions for Your First Doctor's Appointment

When you find out you're pregnant, what are the first things you should ask your doctor? Our pregnancy pictures offer a glimpse of this amazing transformation.

When you think you're pregnant, you may have a sweeping range of emotions, spanning from excitement to fear. And then there are the questions. Am I really pregnant? Are these symptoms normal? What do I do now?

Your first visit to the doctor and subsequent prenatal appointment schedule will depend on a combination of your personal health history, how your pregnancy is progressing and your health care provider's process. Unless you have a history of pregnancy loss or fertility issues, your first prenatal visit won't likely be scheduled until sometime between week eight and week 12, but it's still best to call your healthcare provider as soon as you suspect you're pregnant. Some will confirm your pregnancy with a lab test before your first prenatal appointment and others may not, but the sooner you begin receiving prenatal care, the better.

Your first prenatal visit will probably be your longest. Many doctors will encourage you to invite your partner or another family member along -- expectant mothers aren't the only ones with questions! Before you go, brainstorm a list of questions you have about your pregnancy -- we'll get you started with 10, beginning with whether you really are pregnant.