Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time to take the best care of yourself, both physically and mentally, to be sure you deliver a healthy baby. See more pregnancy pictures.
Reggie Casagrande/Getty Images

During pregnancy, few subjects will become as important as your physical and emotional well-being. Not only will you visit your obstetrician with startling regularity and frequency, but -- perhaps to your surprise -- your growing midsection may also become the topic of polite conversation as those around you become more and more interested in how you're doing.

Along with all the changes you'll experience, your health (and by association, your baby's health) deserves to be protected and nurtured during this unforgettable time. But once you discover that nearly everything you do affects your baby, you'll probably feel a lot of pressure to get it right and ensure you carry a healthy baby to term.

Cautionary tales aside, pregnancy can pack joy, fear and excitement into a nine-month time frame. While you're busy getting prepared, embarking on a renewed exercise routine or kicking your caffeine craving, be sure to carve out some "zen-like" time for you. After all, making time for yourself is all part of preparing for parenthood.

So, as you ponder pregnancy -- or your due date -- here are 10 tips you'll want to peruse. Wondering just how to get prepped for pregnancy? Read on to learn about an action plan.