10 Tricks for Managing Morning Sickness


Pregnancy Massage

Your masseuse can massage specific pressure points known to reduce nausea.
Your masseuse can massage specific pressure points known to reduce nausea.
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Pregnant women once avoided massage during the first trimester for fear of miscarriage. However, certified prenatal massage practitioners now use the art to help women ease the effects of morning sickness -- as long as the women aren't actively nauseous during the massage. The first step is identifying your "wellness window," whether it's a particular day of the week or even just as few hours when you feel more rested and less sick. Many practitioners who specialize in working with pregnant women understand the flexibility that's required to keep an appointment during the first trimester.

Pregnancy massage can decrease the severity of morning sickness because the practitioner concentrates on specific areas known to reduce nausea. These include the center of the breastbone and the protruding bone on the inside of the ankle. When combined with overall tissue stimulation, massage also reduces anxiety and increases circulation -- two things that can boost feelings of physical wellness. Just remember to drink extra water to help flush any toxins your tissues may release after massage. You'll be less stressed and better equipped to face the duration of your pregnancy, which ends with the best gift of all: your baby.

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