10 Tricks for Managing Morning Sickness


Lemon Drops

Sucking on fruit drops can help reduce nausea.
Sucking on fruit drops can help reduce nausea.

You may be able to short circuit your nausea by sucking on lemon drops, peppermints or even lollipops made especially for pregnant women. These lollipops, such as Preggie Pops, are marketed as a drug-free, all-natural way to keep the barf bag at bay.

Part of the reason lemon drops and flavored lollipops are so effective is because their key ingredients (including lemon, ginger or mint) have long been known for their stomach-soothing effects. Plus, the sugary suckers are slow to dissolve and so don't make an immediate impact on the belly. And because most have a strong smell, thanks to their citrus-based taste, they can overpower less pleasant smells that would otherwise cause upset. If you're one of the preggos plagued by excess saliva, sucking on a lemon drop can make the problem less noticeable -- and tame your gag reflex.