10 Tricks for Managing Morning Sickness


Keep It Bland

You could tempt fate (or at least vomiting) by eating spicy foods during the first trimester. But for most women, bland is the way to go. Spicy foods, and their tasty cousins "fried" and "fatty," are more difficult to digest and may just bounce right back up.

However, you could try eating like a "brat." The Bananas-Rice-Applesauce-Toast diet has long been recommended to those with upset tummies. For a twist, you could get "braty," by adding yogurt to the mix. Bland, yet filling, these foods can bridge the gap between the continual vomiting of the first trimester and the "anything goes" diet of the second trimester.

If you are able to eat, but only foods you usually favor as splurges -- like potato chips or ice cream -- don't worry that your food pyramid is out of whack. The real key is to keep something down, whatever it is. So even if you're only eating olives, it's OK for now.