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Thomas Beatie, his wife Nancy and daughter Susan Juliette
Thomas Beatie, his wife Nancy and daughter Susan Juliette
Hermann J. Knippertz/Associated Press

Have you heard the story of Thomas Beatie, a man who has given birth twice (and is currently expecting his third due this year)?

Beatie is a transsexual man -- a biologically born female who identifies as a man and has taken the steps to become a legal male. Gender reassignment is a long, individual process -- for Beatie, it was a 10-year journey -- typically consisting of a diagnostic assessment and diagnosis of gender identity disorder, psychotherapy, real-life experience, hormone replacement and surgery.

Female to male transgendered patients may elect to have multiple surgeries, including a hysterectomy and others to remove the vagina, construct a neophallus and place testicular prostheses. Beatie chose to retain his functional female reproductive organs during his transition from female to male, knowing that he would one day like to have children.

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