Start a Pregnancy Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Where will you blog?

While some people prefer to have control over every pixel of their blog, many of us -- and especially new bloggers -- do just fine with free blogging platforms such as, and BabyCrowd (which is a platform specifically for pregnancy journaling). Finding the right blog software is a matter of doing some trial and error. You'll know if the blog software makes sense to you as soon as you log in to write your first post.

Done properly, you'll be spending time with this software just about every day, so be sure to pick one that doesn't frustrate you with every click of the mouse.

As you test drive blog software, look at all the features available to you. For example, if you think you'll want to chronicle your changing body and share your ultrasound photos as your pregnancy progresses, look for a blogging platform that makes photo sharing easy.

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