Start a Pregnancy Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Step 2: Setting Up Your Blog

Whether you're using a free online journaling site such as or BabyCrowd or you're publishing your pregnancy blog to your own personal domain, you'll need to set aside some time to figure out what the nuts and bolts will be. Whatever blog software you decide to use, there will be a control panel. This is where you will find a text editor for writing your blog posts and all the tools you'll need to manage your blog.

Free blogging services offer an array of templates for you to choose from to give your blog a personalized layout and design -- and often choosing and switching templates is as easy as clicking a button within the control panel (beware, it can be much more complicated if you're building your own blog).

The most common features of a blog are, of course, the journal entries themselves (with or without open comments), an "about me" section and photo albums. Some bloggers also add their Twitter feed or other widgets to further step up the personalization -- once you know your due date, check out countdown clocks or widgets that give you week-by-week updates on your developing fetus.

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