Start a Pregnancy Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Step 3: What will you blog?

By now, you may have picked where you will blog, what your blog looks like and maybe even the name of your blog. It's time for your first post. What will you write?

Sure, a pregnancy blog will be about your pregnancy, but what about it, exactly, will you say? Will you journal your pregnancy by discussing the emotional and physical changes you're going through? Or will your blog be more of a timeline, where you write about your daily life during pregnancy (don't forget to take those belly photos!)? Maybe it's simply a photo journal with brief captions, or maybe it will consist of lengthy letters to your unborn baby about your anticipation of becoming a mom.

Whether it's your first or fifth time in maternity pants (don't forget to take a photo of that, too), journaling your pregnancy is a once in a lifetime experience. Keep up with your posts and in no time at all, you'll find you're writing about your baby's first smile.

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