10 Things No One Tells You About Labor

It Could Be a Breeze
Labor doesn't have to be long and protracted. But either way, it won't matter when you catch your first glimpse of your cute baby.
Labor doesn't have to be long and protracted. But either way, it won't matter when you catch your first glimpse of your cute baby.

By now, you've probably heard a horror story or two. And we're not talking Halloween fun here, either. There's just something about childbirth-gone-awry that compels women to share their stories with mothers-to-be.

Whether these cautionary tales are comforting or unsettling, only you can decide. But know this: It's entirely possible you'll bypass those 36-hour labors you keep hearing about and be done in a half-hour. Your labor will be as unique as your fingerprint. Like some of us, you may play a card game through most of it, pausing only to do some serious pushing at the end. And, believe it or not, having a baby can be a whole lot of fun. There's nothing more joyous than bringing life into the world where seconds before, no life existed.

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