5 Unbelievable Deliveries

"I came from where?!"
"I came from where?!"

It's a story that small children love and teenagers dread (especially if they have company present). It begins, "I remember the day you were born," and may include photos, slide shows or videos. Every birth is remarkable and life-changing to those involved, of course. But statistically, most births follow a certain pattern. That makes these stories comforting for worried, expectant friends, but can make them tedious to other audiences (small children excepted).

If the mother telling the story is one of the 4 million women who's given birth each year in the United States since 2000, you can probably expect her to describe an uncomplicated birth by vaginal delivery (although increasingly, it may have been a cesarean section) [source: CDC]. It almost certainly took place in a hospital, although more women have been opting for home birth in recent years [source: Wyckoff]. If she's a first-time mother, she was probably in her early to mid-20s [source: CDC].

But some stories are far from typical. Each of the five we've collected here puts a new twist on the expression "the miracle of birth." In some, you may see divine intervention. In others, you may suspect a divine sense of humor.

Our first story will strike a chord with many parents who know that having a baby keeps you on the run. This mom takes it all in stride.