Understanding Childbirth Medications

Pregnancy Image Gallery Medications and anesthesia are available to help ease the physical and emotional pain that can go along with labor. See more pregnancy pictures.
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While the new mother can never fully know what to expect when giving birth, everyone should have at least a vague idea the physical and emotional events of normal spontaneous labor. It is concern about or fear of labor pain that influences many women to choose to use pain-relieving medications in labor. The following discussion of labor pain and medications for birth may help you decide which method of childbirth you wish to attempt:

  • Labor Medications As pain begins to intensify during labor, you may begin to re-evaluate decisions you have made about medication. In this section, you will learn about the options that will be available to you at the hospital. We will tell you about the various pain medications you can use for both early and established labor.
  • Anesthesia for Childbirth If the pain during delivery becomes overwhelming, you may decide to ask for anesthesia. Find out about the pros and cons of the different types of anesthesia available to women during the delivery process. We will tell you about the three types of anesthesia --regional, general, and local. We will also tell you about epidurals, spinal blocks, and saddle blocks, and which method is used in which situation.