10 Things No One Tells You About Your Body After You Have a Baby

You're Gonna Lose Some Hair

Remember the day you realized that pregnancy agreed with you? Your complexion was glowing, and your hair looked thicker and more lustrous. Heck, you looked great. Well, it's time to give that all back. One day, not long after you bring the baby home, you're going to brush your hair and it will come away from your scalp in large bunches. A bald baby is OK, but a bald mommy? Not so much.

Hair goes through natural growth and shedding phases that are interrupted during pregnancy. Increased estrogen keeps you from shedding as much hair as you would normally. Once your hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, you start to shed hair at an expedited rate until things stabilize in six months to a year. If you really love those dense, luxuriant tresses, take a photo. Unless you had them before you were pregnant, they won't last.

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