10 Things No One Tells You About Your Body After You Have a Baby

You May Have Trouble Urinating

This can be a delicate topic, so we'll approach it with caution. You probably spent more of your pregnancy than you care to remember looking for a bathroom. In fact, you can probably describe the d├ęcor in every bathroom from your house to the interstate. Post-pregnancy might be a bit of a revelation because you will have to pee more, but feel the urge less. If you had an epidural, prolonged labor or an assisted vaginal delivery, this could be even more of an issue.

For a while after you give birth, your bladder may be less thoughtful about sending you messages that it's full, super-full or fair to bursting. Coming at a time when your body is eliminating the extra water it retained while you were pregnant, this could be a disaster in the making if you're not careful. Your best option is to pee on the old schedule for a few days, with lots of trips to the restroom whether you feel like taking a refreshing pause or not. Not urinating enough during this time could cause more than embarrassment. It could contribute to prolonged after-pains and urinary tract infections.