10 Things No One Tells You About Your Body After You Have a Baby

The Baby Fat Won't Just Roll Off

Every new mother wants to get back to her fighting weight in as little time as possible. The practical demands of parenthood and life in general can get in the way, though. Could you exercise four hours a day if you had the energy and the baby would accommodate you by napping on cue? Well, maybe, but beating yourself up about being soft around the middle isn't helping. The stress alone may be sabotaging your best efforts. It could take a year or more for you to lose all the baby weight. Yes, some women manage to do it faster, but one year is a realistic goal and one that will give you the time to plan and implement a successful exercise and weight-loss strategy. Learn to eat better instead of concentrating your attention on shedding the pounds. Take up a sport you enjoy. Get moving again.

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