Breastfeeding: What Dad Can Do

A new dad might think that his role in breastfeeding is a minor one. Not so! Studies show that the attitude of the baby's father is the most important factor in whether or not a mother begins and continues to breastfeed.

Dad's instinct is to protect his new family. One way you can do that is by supporting your partner's decision to breastfeed. You can read books about breastfeeding or attend classes on breastfeeding with your partner. You can also help by discouraging others from criticizing your partner's decision to breastfeed, especially in the early weeks.


Dads teach their babies that there is more to love than food, and that there is a world outside of Mommy. Forging your own relationship with your baby will enrich both your lives — and Mom's, too.

Find your own way to have fun with the baby. Take charge of baths, or walk baby around in a soft carrier, or be the one to introduce squeaky toys and rattles. And remember, new babies love to nap on Dad's warm chest.

Content courtesy of March of Dimes.