The Newborn After Delivery


Circumcision can be a controversial procedure, although some experts believe there are health benefits that go along with it. If you decide to go ahead with the circumcision, you will need to be aware of special care that is required for the next couple of weeks.

In hospitals, circumcision is usually performed on the second day of life, and parents do need to use special care in diaper changes and keeping the area clean for a week or two after surgery. If you decide not to circumcise, there is no special care of the penis.

It is important to remember that at birth the foreskin of the penis is usually not separate from the end of the penis, as it is in an older uncircumcised boy. Therefore, you should not try to pull the foreskin back. To do so could cause tearing of the skin and scarring, which could be a real problem later in life. The best care for an uncircumcised penis is to leave it alone except to wash and rinse it whenever the baby has a bath.

Some researchers conclude there are significant health benefits to both the circumcised male and his future sexual partner(s) -- other investigators disagree. Although most men and boys in the United States are circumcised, the circumcision rate in the United States is declining, and the practice of non-religious circumcision remains controversial.

The remainder of the umbilical cord will fall off soon. In the next section, find out how to care for it.

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