How can you prepare your child for a doctor's visit?

It's a good idea to prepare your child ahead of time for a visit to the doctor. In addition to not feeling well, and the fact that they are not always able to explain what they are feeling, children are scared at the idea of going to the doctor. Fearfulness can make them uncooperative, and this is where advance preparation comes in. According to the book, "The Smart Parent's Guide to Getting Your Kids Through Checkups, Illnesses, and Accidents: Expert Answers to the Questions Parents Ask Most," parents should explain to their children that going to the doctor will make them feel better. This will help to alleviate their fear so that the visit will be productive, without resistance on the child's part. It's also better not to describe specific actions with words that might scare them; a blood test is a good example of a procedure that could sound worse when being described in words.

Parents should be prepared for the doctor's visit, as well. The authors of the book suggest that parents prepare a list of questions that they want to ask the doctor. It's important to include details of the child's symptoms and any concerns you may have. The doctor also needs to be notified of any medications or supplements that your child is taking, so come prepared with that information, as well.

Doctors need all the background information they can get, so you should try to take you child to the pediatrician's office yourself. You are in the best position to make your child's condition clear to the doctor. Preparing yourself for the doctor's visit makes the doctor's job easier: to examine, diagnose and treat your child.