10 Tips for Parents of Out-of-control Teens

Don't Give Up
You may be mad, but you'll always be her mom.
You may be mad, but you'll always be her mom.
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Out-of-control teenagers aren't pleasant to be around. They say rude, nasty things to their parents and cause the people around them interminable grief and heartbreak. Though it may seem like you've lost your beloved child forever, don't give up. Let your child know that you'll always love him or her, and you'll always be there. Parents may need to seek out a support group of others who've been through the same thing; not only will other parents have helpful advice, but they'll help you realize that you're not alone. Jettison those people in your life that want only to blame you for your teen's actions or question your methods, and take it one day at a time.


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