10 Tips for Parents of Out-of-control Teens

Stop Looking for Shortcuts

In this article, we've talked about therapists, residential placements and wilderness programs -- and families on a budget might be getting nervous. It's true that programs for troubled teens can get quite expensive, but unfortunately, trying to take shortcuts that make things cheaper or quicker won't work. Parents can't necessarily pick the least expensive residential program for just a few weeks and think everything will be better. And though it may be expensive, parents should seriously consider working with educational consultants and lawyers when trying to decide on an out-of-the-home program. Consultants are trained to find the right program for troubled teens, while lawyers may be able to get the teen's school district to cover some of the costs of alternative education. Parents shouldn't expect to have instant peace just because they've sent a troubled teen away, either. Many programs require hard work from the parents as well, including family therapy and parenting classes. It may seem like you've been walking this hard road forever, but dig in -- the journey is not over yet.

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