5 Parent Traits That Teens Hate


Minimizing Language

One thing your teenager wants is respect. And while it's true that respect has to be earned, it's also true that a person will try harder to earn it you give him a little in the first place. The way you talk to your teen is key. Telling him that he's just a kid will only make him mad, and it'll make him feel like he's stuck in a time warp of your design, too.

In the same way, saying things like "you've got it easy" also minimizes who he is and what he's going through. Sure, your teen may not have a full-time job, a mortgage and several mouths to feed, but being a teenager isn't easy either. It's a challenging process that deserves to be recognized as such. So when the trash doesn't get dumped or the dog doesn't get fed, be careful about lashing out with a "you don't do anything around here" tirade. A better approach might be to acknowledge that it might've been a tough day at school, but let's get a couple things taken care of around here before we kick back and relax.

If you want the teen to feel and act like an adult, avoid language which can even unintentionally be demeaning. Nobody wants to be treated like that.