What are some gun safety tips for kids?

Whether you collect guns as a hobby or use them for protection, guns can be found almost everywhere. Although you could choose to avoid firearms completely, it's possible your child will encounter a weapon at a friend's house or on the street. Therefore, it's important to teach young children gun safety rules to prevent them from being involved in accidents and instruct older children how to use firearms responsibly.

Children should realize that guns are deadly. Their first reaction if they see a gun should be to run away as fast as possible and tell an adult. They should never pick up a gun, touch a gun or pretend to shoot one. As a result of an abundance of violence on TV, children often mistakenly think that guns are toys and fun to use. Therefore, you should educate kids that guns are serious, lethal weapons and should be handled carefully or not at all. They should only be used in an emergency, not a fit of anger. Sometimes children undergoing depression attempt suicide with a handgun. Therefore be aware of the signs of depression in teenagers.


Since children are naturally curious about things we deny them access to, some people think it's safer to show a teenager how to use a gun properly instead of waiting for him to experiment on his own. Firing a few rounds in a secluded area or a firing range will teach a teen the seriousness of using a weapon. If teenagers use a gun in the presence of an adult, they may not be tempted to try it on their own. However, even if you tell your children that there is a gun in the house and you teach them the safety rules, you should keep the weapon locked up in a gun safe with the ammunition locked up in another safe for double protection.