5 Signs of an Abusive Relationship


Rushing In

The classic Hollywood love story involves a couple that knows from the very beginning that they're meant for each other. Maybe it's a simple glance across the room. Perhaps it's a connection on the first date. Either way, there's really no need to wait for a relationship to bloom -- they just know. An abusive relationship has some similar traits. There are also a few distinctions.

An abusive partner is often quite romantic and even sweet, especially at the outset of a relationship. But there's immediacy to his actions. He may feel a need for a quick commitment, saying that you're unlike anyone he's ever met before. The words are nice to hear but the underlying meaning is "I want to gain control as fast as possible." If you feel pressure to have an exclusive relationship or even to get married quickly, this can be a bad sign [source: LABMF].