How to Balance Baseball With Your Girlfriend

How did things get so out of balance?

Things are out of balance when your love of baseball leads to consequences in the rest of your life. Maybe your work is suffering because you always take time off to watch the game, or maybe you're broke because you've filled your whole house with memorabilia. In "Fever Pitch", Jimmy Fallon's character keeps losing girlfriends to his love of the Red Sox. Hopefully, your relationship isn't headed the same way.

Why do some fans take their love of the game so far that it messes up the other parts of their lives? Sometimes a person can use baseball as an escape. When you're in your favorite recliner with a beer and a plate of hot wings, yelling at the ump along with the gang, the rest of the world seems to just disappear. It can feel so liberating, in fact, that it can lead to a Fever Pitch-like situation. The movie, after all, was based on the memoir of novelist Nick Hornby, who became obsessed with soccer after his father took him to a game following his parents' separation when he was 11. Hornby later realized that part of the reason he was so hooked on soccer was the connection the sport gave him with his father [source: Valeo].

The irony about using baseball to avoid your problems, though, is that it just makes more problems. A baseball fix is so easy to get nowadays, between satellite TV and the Internet, that a fan who's not careful could wind up practically living and breathing the sport. If this is you, and your girlfriend keeps complaining about it, then you might just be the one with the problem. After all, you can hardly blame her for being upset if you spend half your waking hours with your face glued to your TV or laptop, and the only rose you ever gave her was a picture of ol' Pete.

If your girlfriend is upset about the amount of time you spend on baseball, think about it. If she expects you to only do what she wants to do, then she's probably not "The One." But if the two of you have lots in common besides baseball, and you're spending more time with your sports buddies than you are with her, then you need to learn to bend a little.

Read on for suggestions on how to compromise.