Keep Your Relationship Off the Rocks: Tips From the Experts

Activity Tips

  • Foreplay Assignment: On plain paper, make an outline of your body. Mark down on the diagram exactly what you like sexually and where you like. Be explicit. Swap diagrams and learn about your partners hot spots.
  • Rock Climbing: Rock climbing with your partner can help build trust. For added adventure (and in a safe environment) one partner can be blindfolded while the other leads with words of direction and encouragement. This experience helps each partner see how they need to work as a team to accomplish some things.
  • Getting in Touch with Your Sexuality: It's important to feel confident about your body and sexuality. Try taking lessons or get an instructional video for erotic dancing. It can be learned in private and helps relieve anxiety and build confidence.
  • It's Your Turn to Do the Dishes: It may be hard to believe but anything can be foreplay as long as you apply the right thinking to it. Turn an everyday chore into fun by making a romantic gesture while cleaning, cooking or folding the laundry.
  • Keep Connected by Phone: Couples with busy schedules often have a hard time staying connected. Calling each other and talking in a romantic way can give you a chance to build up desire so that when you meet you are ready for intimacy.
  • Hypnosis: Hypnosis can help with ingrained bad habits, like constantly being late for all of your dates. See if this techniques works on a bad habit you can't seem to break.
  • Speak and I'll follow: To learn to communicate clearly and to listen better one partner is blindfolded while the other has to describe a picture of shapes and patterns. The blindfolded partner must try to draw the picture relying solely on the other partner's instructions and listening carefully. It is an exercise that helps reveal that clear and precise communication is important.
  • Away from it All: Couples need private time. Make boundaries in the home if living with others and schedule private time with your partner. Take a trip on a boat, or have a picnic in the park or even rent a hotel room, anything that allows you intimate time together.
  • Erotic Home Videos: You can keep the excitement and creativity in the bedroom. Make up a story, write a script, maybe even get costumes. Be creative, don't forget to include plenty of foreplay and erotic interludes and then shoot your own erotic video.
  • Couples Commitment Course: An outdoor ropes course can play a key role in teaching a couple to support and encourage each other on equal ground. Reaching the end of this physically challenging course depends on the pair's ability to rely on and support each other. It is a good test for any relationship as it identifies strengths, weaknesses and how the couple works together toward a common goal.

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