10 First Date Tips


Watch Your Body Language

Maybe you've perfected your witty banter, picked out a killer outfit and made reservations at the hot new place in town, but if you're not careful, your body language may give your date the wrong idea.

Be conscious of the signals you're giving off. The first time we meet another person, they judge us (and we, them) on appearance and body language most of all -- 55 percent -- followed by 38 percent on our style of speaking and 7 percent on what we actually say [source: Social Issues Research Centre].

When you greet your date, smile. Not only will it show the other person you're happy to see him or her (regardless of whether or not this is a blind date), it also shows open and friendly qualities -- perfect for a first date. Other things to watch out for: Uncross your arms (crossing them can make you seem uninterested and unapproachable) and don't forget to sit up straight.