10 Free Date Activities in the Great Outdoors


Hanging Out at the Park

Visiting the park is a classic date activity.
Visiting the park is a classic date activity.

Think hanging out at the park doesn't sound like a real date? Nonsense! Parks have infinite possibilities when it comes for things to do.

Walking around a park is a simple activity, but for a date you might want to be a little more creative. Act like kids and hit the playground. Swings are great for dates early in a relationship because you can be next to each other, but the swing gives you a little breathing space. Sit and talk, or have a swinging contest.

Because a lot of parks have open space, they're great for lawn games. Throw a Frisbee back and forth or play bocce ball. Set up the world's largest croquet course. You'll get that little competitive spirit and energy flowing.

Kite flying is another ideal park activity. Getting a kite to fly really high can be a challenge, and it's fun when you can conquer that challenge together.

Looking to be a little more romantic? Raid your fridge and pack a picnic. Food tastes better when you're eating outside, and a picnic creates a truly intimate atmosphere.