10 Free Date Activities in the Great Outdoors



If one of you has a GPS, geocaching can give you some high tech fun.
If one of you has a GPS, geocaching can give you some high tech fun.

Maybe you think that a walk or hike is a little too boring because you're just wandering aimlessly. Geocaching can give your walk a sense of purpose. This high-tech scavenger hunt is perfect for couples that have a GPS device. In geocaching, you're looking for a hidden cache that's located somewhere outdoors. Look online for a list of geocaches. Once you pick one, you'll find out its latitude and longitude coordinates. Enter those into your GPS, and then your GPS will guide you to where the geocache is located. Once you get to the right location, you'll look for some sort of container that's full of mystery. Sign the logbook and let everyone know the two of you were there.

You'll never know what you'll find in a geocache, which makes it an exciting activity. If a geocache is full of random objects, you can swap out something you own for something in the cache, and you'll have a little memento of your date. Geocaching is great for both urban and rural settings, because the geocache containers can be hidden just about anywhere. It's also one of those activities that's more fun to do with someone. You're both looking for this treasure together, and frankly, chicks get into that kind of thing.