10 Free Date Activities in the Great Outdoors


Attend a Free Outdoor Concert

Check your local arts publications for free music events.
Check your local arts publications for free music events.
Hiroyuki Matsumoto/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Music is a great date idea because it helps draw people together. A single song can help define a moment, or even an entire summer. Incorporating a concert into a date is a way to help set the date apart and make it special. Free concerts are also a way to learn about new music. Maybe you wouldn't pay for a classical concert, but when it's free, it's a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours. You might even discover that you really do like a band or music style you never really paid attention to before. And you never know--the concert you go to could provide the two of you with "your song."

A lot of cities and towns offer ways to listen to free concerts in the summer. Local festivals usually have bands to keep the action lively. Spend some time wandering around the festival, then hit the stage area to listen to the band. Be open to the possibility of dancing with your date. Women go gaga for a guy who will dance, so take this opportunity to score some points with her.

Sometimes concerts are held in a venue that allows you to picnic on a lawn. As we mentioned before, picnics are a fun way to relax and enjoy time together. Adding in music provides some special atmosphere.