How to Get Out of a Bad Date

Why It Isn't Love at First Sight

Your date may sound great, but once you're face-to-face, you realize you'd rather be home in your sweatpants. Why does a date go badly? There are many reasons why people click and just as many reasons why they don't. Here are just a few:

  1. Chemistry & attraction: Call it superficial or shallow, but we want and need to be attracted to the person we're dating. Numerous studies have been done on attraction and what causes it, and while there is no single answer, there are some common thoughts. It may be narcissistic, but people tend to be drawn toward those they have stuff in common with. This includes similar physical attributes, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, family and intelligence level. If you don't click with your date, you may find yourself looking at your watch the entire time you're together [source: Jayson].
  2. Common interests: A person may look like your ideal mate, but then you start talking. You find out she likes Bach, and you like Bon Jovi. He runs marathons, and you refuse to walk more than a block. She grew up on a dairy farm, and you're lactose intolerant. There is nothing more uncomfortable than that lull when you realize you have nothing in common.
  3. Offensive behavior: You're on a dinner date, your companion is very nice-looking, conversation is flowing and the waiter brings the meal. Suddenly, your date flies off the handle because his/her steak is undercooked. After your date berates everyone from the busboy to the maitre'd, you quietly slide under the table and slink away. This may be a fabricated situation, but anyone who has dated has most likely been there. You think you've met your match, and then he picks his teeth with a dinner knife, throws out a racial slur or lets a door close in your face.

So, the date is going badly, and you're mentally canceling the Caribbean getaway for two. How do you escape?

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